Upload to GEDmatch from 23andMe

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Download your raw data

Sign in to 23andMe

In the top right corner, click on the down arrow ("V") next to your profile photo and name. In that drop down menu, click on "Browse Raw Data".

On the next page, you'll see two tabs "Browse" (current tab) and "Download". Click on the "Download" tab. Scroll down the page until you reach the "Request your raw data download" section. Read the statement and click the box next to "I understand the limitations and risks associated with uploading my information to third party sites." Click "Submit request".

The next screen will say: "Your download request is in progress". Check the email associated with your 23andMe account for the next step.

The email should arrive within a few minutes. Open the email and click "Download Raw Data". This will redirect you back to 23andMe where you can download the file. On that page, click on the blue "Download raw data" button on the page and you'll get a pop up asking where to save the .zip file. Save the file to your computer where you can easily locate it again but don’t open it or unzip it. You’ll need it as-is to upload to GEDmatch.