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Welcome to the FG4LE Help Page.

This is a help wiki and FAQ for people who want to help forensic genetic genealogists by uploading their DNA results where we can access them for comparison. If you have any requests for articles here, please email admin@redgraveresearch with suggestions and we will try to accommodate you.

FAQ : Frequently asked questions about FG4LE and forensic genealogy in general.

How to Upload Guides : Instructions for how to get your raw data from major testing sites and upload to the databases that are available for law enforcement use. These pages exist to help the general public learn about how they can help forensic genealogists solve more cases by sharing their DNA data and family trees.

Extended Topics : Extra help like sharing your Ancestry results to another user, sending invites to a tree, and adding a GEDCOM to GEDmatch

FG4LE: Forensic Genealogy Training for Law Enforcement : If you want to learn how to become a forensic genetic genealogist, or if you are a law enforcement professional with a case that you want to solve using forensic genetic genealogy, online instruction is available at this link.